Sonny Boy Prayer Request Form


Click here for our Prayer Request in PDF format.

To order Sonny Boy® Blue Book Guide To Success and Power for free
Send $1 cash for shipping to: Sonny Boy, 3008-A 27th Street North Birmingham, AL 35207.
Include your Prayer Request with your order of the Sonny Boy Blue Book Guide To Success and Power and Sonny Boy will bless your Prayer Request.
By ordering the Sonny Boy Blue Book Guide To Success and Power you will be able with Sonny Boy's instructions to make your own
Prayer Altar at home with spiritual candles, herbs, and special items, so you can pray to your Prayer Altar daily for your daily needs.

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SONNY BOY's® Prayer Request is strong power. Sonny Boy will put your prayer request on the Prayer Request Spiritual Altar. Sonny Boy's Prayer Request Spiritual Altar is decorated with Sonny Boy Spiritual Candles. Since 1926, Sonny Boy Prayer Request and prayers have been answered for thousands of people. Send your Prayer Request by filling out the Prayer Request Form and mailing it to Sonny Boy's Spiritual Prayer Altar and God will give you his blessings. May God Bless You. Amen. Sonny Boy.

Witchcraft is calling on so-called supernatural powers or supernatural forces to empower you. Sonny Boy is faith based. Sonny Boy directs you to put any power in yourself to achieve life's rewards of Wealth, Love, Success and Personal Power. Sonny Boy calls on the power of prayer and faith. Sonny Boy is not affiliated in any way with witchcraft or so-called black arts, love spells, or magic spells.