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Sonny Boys Lucky Gamblers Products
Green, Red, Gold, Purple, White, Black Lucky Mojo Bags
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Gambler's Green Lucky Mojo Bag. Green is for the power of lucky gambler's money. Call on Lucky Mojo Hand to receive folklore help when you gamble and get all the luck you can.

Lover's Red Lucky Mojo Bag. Red is for the power of love. Add extra Sonny Boy items to put in your lover's Lucky Mojo Bag that are listed on the herbs page.

Success Gold Lucky Mojo Bag. Gold is for success. Carry your Lucky Mojo Bag with you at all times for extra luck.

Controlling Purple Lucky Mojo Bag. Purple is the color of royalty and command. Sonny Boy's Lucky Mojo Hand wants you to control your life and get what you want and "make myself more lucky".

Blessing White Lucky Mojo Bag. White is the color of purity. Spiritual Healing, ease suffering and heal the spirit.

Black Lucky Mojo Bag. This power personal talisman will help protect you from harm, jinx, hate, evil influence. Bless daily with prayer for your need. God answers pray. Be sure to add Speical items for better results.


SONNY BOY® GAMBLER'S LUCKY HAND. Casino Winner! Bingo! Carry one or all of these talismans in a lucky bag to win!

SONNY BOY® Devil's Shoestring. Put in the sleeve of your lucky hand, or carry next to your body when gambling. Keep seven sticks of shoestring in a jar of whiskey. Take one out as needed. Also a good protector.

SONNY BOY® Buckeye. Carry tied in a white cloth. Rub when you are drawing a number. Powerful charm for any gambling.

SONNY BOY® Nutmeg. Take when you gamble. Rub the nutmeg to draw strong luck. Dress with gold dust, our strongest drawing powder, and seal with wax from a money candle. Don't gamble without it!

SONNY BOY® LUCKY HAND - Black Cat Bone. This is a maximum strength gambling talisman. Rub on your hand before starting to play. Add to your gambling bag for power.

SONNY BOY® LUCKY HAND ROOT. Put in your gambling bag, or carry in your pocket. Anoint with oil. Ask for the amount of money you need.

SONNY BOY® Green Gamblers Lucky Mojo Bag Gambling, Herbs, Charms, Fixed.

SONNY BOY® Red Love Drawing Lucky Mojo Bag, Fixed.

SONNY BOY® Gold Success Lucky Mojo Bag, Fixed.

SONNY BOY® Purple Controlling Lucky Mojo Bag, Fixed.

SONNY BOY® White Protection, Blessing Lucky Mojo Bag, Fixed.

SONNY BOY® Black Protection Lucky Mojo Bag, Fixed.

SONNY BOY® Prayer Bag, Gambling Charms, Herbs, Fixed.

SONNY BOY® Pray Lord's Prayer Daily. God Answers Prayer. "Our Father who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name. Give us this day our daily bread, and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us. Lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil, for Thine is the Kingdom, the Power and Glory forever. Amen

Witchcraft is calling on so-called supernatural powers or supernatural forces to empower you. Sonny Boy is faith based. Sonny Boy directs you to put any power in yourself to achieve life's rewards of Wealth, Love, Success and Personal Power. Sonny Boy calls on the power of prayer and faith. Sonny Boy is not affiliated in any way with witchcraft or so-called black arts, love spells, or magic spells.