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Always use High John Conqueror and Court together

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SONNY BOY® COURT CASE - Sonny Boy spiritual and religious oils, incense, bath wash, salt crystals, sand, bar soap, spray and spiritual faith candles. Win a Lawsuit Judge, Jury, Money From a Claim or Injury. Use a Court Kit...Insurance...Benefits! lst - Be sure to use a Court Kit for 3 days before court! Be sure you write the exact outcome you need on a white paper and put on your alter where you are doing the work. Set your Court Candle in a bowl with water. Put Black Candle Tobacco in the water. Daily - Sprinkle the water on any of the Court papers that you have, and over your hands, then pray over your hands for the exact outcome you need in court. Before you go to court - Draw an image on white paper, write the judge's name on the paper. Wrap the image with a piece of John's Chew in a white cloth or put in an envelope, and take with you to court. Keep a piece of John's Chew in your pocket or bag so you can rub it when you need to during the court hearing. Sonny Boy says, always use a kit for strongest action.

SONNY BOY® FAMILY MATTERS! SUPPORT! CUSTODY! - Sonny Boy spiritual and religious oils, incense, bath wash, salt crystals, sand, bar soap, spray and spiritual faith candles. Write the names of the family members on a white cloth, anoint each corner of the cloth with STOP EVIL Oil and PEACE Oil. Use it as an alter cloth for doing work with incense, oil and candles. Daily - pray over the cloth, and anoint yourself and family members who you want to protect or help with the cloth. You can have more than l cloth, so you can put it in another home. Burn a Stop Evil Candle when your home is disrupted by Evil. When your loved one is on Trial, or in Jail, use a Kit with Court and High John Conqueror and Protection Items. 3 Days before trial...Draw an image of the one who will be on trial, and write their name 7 times on the image. Anoint with oil. Fold the paper with the image inside, carry to Court. Sonny Boy says, always use a kit for strongest action.

Sonny Boy is the #1 supplier of spiritual products and botanica. Strong! Dependable! Sonny Boy spiritual products ancient recipes for incense and oils are the most powerful. Burn Sonny Boy Novena Alter Candles allow your prayers to communicate your need for God's blessings. Sonny Boy Spiritual Products have compelling powers not found in any other product. In an important Court Case, only Sonny Boy can compel a judge, jury, attorney or witness to give you special favor. Read the Sonny Boy Blue Book for all items need for a Court Case ritual. Burn Sonny Boy Novena Candles, use the incense and oils and other items in the kits. You will draw the blessings you need.

No claim has been made of magical or curative effects or of any outcome pertaining to use. No claim of evil spells or any spells pertaining to the outcome of the use of these products. Witchcraft is calling on so-called supernatural powers or supernatural forces to empower you. Sonny Boy is faith based. Sonny Boy directs you to put any power in yourself to achieve life's rewards of Wealth, Love, Success and Personal Power. Sonny Boy calls on the power of prayer and faith. Sonny Boy is not affiliated in any way with witchcraft or so-called black arts, love spells, or magic spells.