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Lucky Money

Order These Money and Drawing Power Products:


High John Conqueror. A very powerful folk remedy spiritual candles, incense, oils. Problem solver! Drugs, Drinking! .

All Purpose Drawing. Folk remedy to draw a lucky life and a steady stream of prayer requests to your lucky house.

Give Me Money Power. Compel your mate to give you money. "Make myself be lucky" with candles, incense, oils, salts.

Money Drawing Fast Luck. Keep your money from passing thru your hands. Don't loose your lucky hand, keep the devil out.

Fast Success. Old spiritual folklore remedy for better business. Better money manager! Better luck for you and your business.

Horn of Plenty. These spiritual candles, incense, oils, are a special folklore lucky spiritual communicator for your desires.

Helping Hands - 7 Saints. Sonny Boy's folk practice will provide health, success, money, knowledge, luck. Candles, incense.

Money Magnet. Attract money with Sonny Boy's candles, incense, oils, salts for luck with a new job, business, settlement.

Money Tree Give Me Money. Folk remedy spiritual candles, incense, oils, salts to make every day "my lucky money day".

Pay Me Now, Money Release. This powerful magic blessing brings money by using prayers, candles, incense, oils, and salts.

3-Day Quick Money. This is a fast worker, these spiritual candles, incense, oils bring you money and luck for overdue bills.

Wealthy Way. This product will bring the big money right to you, draws luck for big money from sweepstakes, lottery, bingo.

Old Indian Clear Water. This lucky spray is a powerful spiritual communicator for your money needs.

Buddha Make Your Wish. Sonny Boy's spiritual remedy to make your wish to draw any desire. It's unbeatable, it's lucky!

King Soloman. Be wise, lucky, and make good decisions with this folk practice using Sonny Boy spiritual candles, incense, oil.

Steady Work. Only the magic blessings from this remedy will get you steady work, new job, or a better job. Removes evil influence on your current job. Pray with Sonny Boy spiritual candles, incense, and oils. Your lucky day!

Psychic Vision. This Sonny Boy's folk remedy will show any threats to you and your family. It will help you know who to trust.

Road Opener. Move anyone or anything out of your way! Unblock your path, turn evil spells into blessings, luck, more money.

Lucky Gambler

Order These Gambling, Luck, and Lucky Charms Products:


Casino Winner, Arcade Gambling. Sonny Boy says my folk remedy and faith wins at casino, arcade, and gambling. Spiritual candles, incense, oils will bring you luck with winning at gambling games.

Lucky Hand. Turn your hands into "Lucky Hands" with Sonny Boy's candles, oils, spray, incense, sprinkling salts!

Bingo Winner. Use Sonny Boy's folk remedy to help draw the numbers to your card. Removes any evil spell and win the big money. "Make myself lucky" with Sonny Boy candles, incense, oils, sprinkling salts, and prayer request.

Gambler's Lottery Winner. With this magic product and faith, Sonny Boy will help you choose the lucky lottery numbers.

Lucky Gambler Black Cat. Sonny Boy's folk remedy will draw a lucky streak for your gambling needs. Use Sonny Boy spiritual candles, incense, and oils for your lucky gambling games.

Bluestone Power. This lucky charm will make this your lucky day! Sprinkle your hands to anoint money, charms. Sprinkle in your home or car. Sonny Boy powerful prayer request will answer your desires for more money and more luck.

Lucky Hand - Black Cat Bone. Luckiest money charm! Use this regularly to take advantage of opportunity. Carry this charm in your pocket or place it in your Gambler's Lucky Mojo Bag.

Gambler's Oil. This wonderful lucky oil should be worn regularly, and refreshed when you need a hot hand. Gives you a lucky hand for gambling, casino, arcade, numbers, and games. Be sure to add Sonny Boy's spiritual candles and spiritual incense.

Lucky Hand Rub. Never go gambling without your Lucky Hand Rub. This folk remedy product will eliminate your jinx and help you win at your game, keep the evil and jinx out of your gambling day.

Buckeye with gold dust. Dressed for winning! Rub in your hand, and in your pocket before gambling. This lucky charm can be carried in your pocket or in your Lucky Gambler's Mojo Bag. Be sure to write, before leaving to gamble, a prayer request.

Nutmeg with gold dust. Another very lucky charm to be carried in your pocket or your Lucky Gambler's Mojo Bag.

Devil's Shoestring. Named the strongest gambling charm in folklore. Also used for protection. This is one of Sonny Boy's powerful charms. Get the jinx out, keep the devil on the run, and "make myself lucky" to get more money.

Gambler's Hand Root. This gambler's charm has magnetic properties. It can change your luck, no more jinx. Keep in your pocket or keep it protected in your Gambler's Lucky Mojo Bag. Use with Sonny Boy gambling spiritual candles and incense.

Gambler's Lucky Hand. Win at the casino and bingo. Carry one or all of these talismans in a Gambler's Lucky Mojo Bag.

Finding Love

Order These Attraction and Love Products:


Come To Me Attraction. Light a Come to Me Candle for helping you attract just the right person into your life. Not a love spell but it is an old folk remedy that claims to have magical powers! Use Sonny Boy's spiritual candles and incense and prayer.

Love Drawing. Draw a special lover into your life! Light your spiritual candle and incense to attract the person you want.

Fire of Love. Start the fire you desire to renew a love that is dim. Sonny Boy wants you to be lucky and happy.

Irresistible Love. Your lover won't see anyone but YOU! This powerful folk practice, using Sonny Boy spiritual candles and incense will help you keep the person you love. It will keep your lover from another's evil spell or evil influence.

Stong Love. Adam and Eve marriage candle! This folk practice keeps a strong and powerful love in your marriage.

Stay At Home. Love me only with Stay At Home Kit. This magical remedy helps keep your marriage faithful and blessed.

Release My Lover. Break up a love affair between your spouse and another lover. Sonny Boy's old remedy and your spiritual faith will return your lover back to you. Use Sonny Boy's special spiritual candles, incense and prayer request.

Strong Love Cologne. Use this product with Release My Lover for extra help if your prayer requests are not answered.


Order These Controlling Products:


Do As I Say. Cause someone to change their mind, do your bidding. This folk remedy and prayer request will help control any situation in your favor. Use Sonny Boy's speical spiritual candle, incense, sprinkling salts, spray to "make myself lucky".

Controlling and Compelling Power. Never an evil spell or devil's work, Sonny Boy folk remedies and your faith will help you pray for more personal power. Compel Anyone: Court, Family, Lover, Job. Very Strong, Very Lucky. Candles and incense.

Psychic Vison. Know the truth. Keep the advantage and be in control. Sonny Boy gives you extra help with seeing the truth.

Bend Over Oil. Maximum Strength Formula! None one can resist. A Most Selected Product! Quick Action Controlling Power. Control any situation. Get it working for you today! Remove any jinx, evil spell by using these spiritual candles, incense.

Angel Sand. Sprinkle this Sonny Boy powder at home, work, anywhere for drawing blessings and protection.

Holy Water. Cleanse and protect yourself and your family. Use regularly. Keep a cloth blessed for anointing.

4 Thieves Vinegar. Ancient formula guaranteed to remove threat, evil relatives, troublemakers, unlucky situations.

Brimstone. Drive away evil from your home, from your family. Sonny Boy original products and prayer request help you.

Commanding Pepper. Sprinkle for protection, court, money, control. Very powerful to keep you lucky and protected.

Master Oil. Make anything work for you and only you! Control Gambling! Control Family! No limits. In combination with Psychic Vision spiritual candle and incense is a more powerful blend of controlling power.

Pray to Remove

Order These Products to Help Remove:


Spellbreaker, Block Buster. Remove any block! Get your Job. Get your Loan. Get your Position. Release your money with this Sonny Boy folk remedy candles, incense, oils, sprays, sprinkling salts, and prayer requests.

Drive Away Evil. Remove Evil Influence! Remove Harm. Remove Evil Neighbors. Remove Jinx! Best home protection.

Cast Off Evil. Remove bad habits and influence. Break the chains of evil bondage. Sonny Boy candles and incense help you during your prayer times. Cast off evil with Sonny Boy spiritual candles, incense, and using your prayer request altar.

Jinx Remover. A Jinx is real! You must take steps to remove the jinx before you can be successful. Sonny Boy's jinx remover and your faith by lighting spiritual candles and incense will help remove your bad luck. "Make myself lucky again".

Stop Evil. All Powerful Worker! Immediate Results! A powerful faith in The Lord and yourself will help you pray with our spiritual candles, incense, prayer request altar. Sonny Boy says buy the kit for best results.

Run Devil, Run! Stop the Devil dead in his tracks. Nothing will have any affect on you. You need this protection with this magic spell breaker. Run devil run spiritual candles, incense, and oils keeps the devil off you and brings back your luck.

Uncrossing Action. This folk practice will remove bad luck and the evil eye, a cursed condition. You can get crossed up at anytime. Sonny Boy says to be sure to keep these candles, incense, and oils on hand when you need to remove bad luck.

Bad Luck Reversable. Sonny Boy's product to reverse bad luck works when you pray and light your Reversable Candle and Incense. Turn back that bad luck and get your lucky Mojo Hand back. Remove jinx, evil spell from you body.

Lucky Judgements

Order These Products For Help With Court and Lawsuits:


Win a Court Case. Control a courtroom. Draw a judge's decision. Lawsuit, Damages, Limit Jail Time! This folklore remedy and your prayers will help receive good results in your court cases.

Black Candle Tobacco. Use this herb with "Win a Court Case". You must put this in water as part of the spiritual practice.

John's Chew. Use this herb with "Win a Court Case". Centuries of folklore practices recite the magical powers of using this for court. Be sure to use Win A Court Case spiritual candle, incense, oil, sprinkling salt, spray for the most powerful results.

Speak No Evil. Stop a liar's evil tongue! Good for Court, Divorce, Lawsuit. Sonny Boy's remedy to stop evil people from saying bad things behind your back. Removes evil people's jinx on you and "make myself lucky again."


Order These Products For Protection Of Your Family and House:


Protection Power. Keep away harm, remove jinx, remove hate. Keep a shield of protection around you and your family. Don't be exposed to harm. Control your enemies. Don't let them penetrate your shield of protection. Don't let harm come to you or your family. Know your enemies. Keep away harm, hate, injury, and the law.

Glory Water. Use Glory Water with "Protection Power" to remove that evil spirit. More powerful and lucky results.

Lucky Home

Order These Products Used For Special Problems:


Break Up and Confusion. Break up a relationship. Make any situation fall apart by causing confusion. Use Sonny Boy's spiritual candle and incense to your advantage to protect yourself and put a block between you and your enemy.

Crossing Power. Cause problems for anyone who is working against you. This remedy will send out a jinx to the people against you. Help you cause worry on other people that try to hurt you with evil spells and bad luck.

Holy Water. Use Holy Water with Confusion and Break Up and Crossing Power for better results.

Hot Foot. Get rid of evil, greedy, or abusive family members. Get them out of your house! Keep your house lucky and loved.

4 Thieves Vinegar. Use this old folklore product when you use "Hot Foot" for the full power of your jinx on greedy people.

Speak No Evil. This folk remedy is good for any court case but can also be used on people that are against you. Prayer and this remedy will help stop lairs saying evil words against you. Sonny Boy spiritual candles and incense and prayer requests.

Reverseable. Send a bad spell condition or bad luck packing! Don't let it stick around with Sonny Boy's old folklore remedy. Remove the jinx, evil influence, bad luck out of your home and keep it loving, lucky, and spiritual.

Spiritual Home

Order These Products For A Spiritual Home:


Peaceful Home. These Sonny Boy spiritual candles and incense help you keep a peaceful home. It will protect your children from evil outside influences. Your prayers and this folk remedy will keep your home safe, lucky, and spiritual.

Spiritual Healing Power. Sonny Boy's remedy is powerful for blessing one who is ill in body or spirit. Works fast and is long lasting! Sonny Boy spiritual candles, incense, oils, and anoiting cloths with your prayer request will help your situation.

Spiritual Home

List of Important Herbs Needed For Healing, Protection, Luck, Prayer Request Blessings:


Click here for a complete list of the spiritual herbs that Sonny Boy says you need to add to your Lucky Mojo Bags, to anoint in Sonny Boy's white anointing cloth, and to keep in your pocket as the need arises for a better loving and lucky home.

Spiritual Home

List of Special Items Needed For Your Spiritual Health:


Click here for a complete list of the extra Sonny Boy products for prayers, blessings, spiritual requests, and lucky products.

Prayer Request

Order Altar Candles and Prayer Candles:


Candles and Altar Work. Spiritual candles for the Prayer Altar in your home or send Sonny Boy your Prayer Request.

Candle Kits. Specially made spiritual candles for your personal needs by Sonny Boy Spiritual Products. Use in your own home daily at your private Prayer Request Altar and use these spiritual candles.

Lucky Mojo Bag

Order These Powerful Personal Mojo Talisman Bags:
Luck, Success, Drawing Power, Money & Gamblers Luck, Protection, Attraction.


Gambler's Green Lucky Mojo Bag. Green is for the power of lucky gambler's money. Call on Lucky Mojo Hand to receive folklore help when you gamble and get all the luck you can.

Lover's Red Lucky Mojo Bag. Red is for the power of love. Add extra Sonny Boy items to put in your lover's Lucky Mojo Bag that are listed on the herbs page.

Success Gold Lucky Mojo Bag. Gold is for success. Carry your Lucky Mojo Bag with you at all times for extra luck.

Controlling Purple Lucky Mojo Bag. Purple is the color of royalty and command. Sonny Boy's Lucky Mojo Hand wants you to control your life and get what you want and "make myself more lucky".

Blessing White Lucky Mojo Bag. White is the color of purity. Spiritual Healing, ease suffering and heal the spirit.

Black Lucky Mojo Bag. This power personal talisman will help protect you from harm, jinx, hate, evil influence. Bless daily with prayer for your need. God answers pray. Be sure to add Speical items for better results.

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Purchase Sonny Boy anointing items, used by thousands of people since 1926. Anointing is an act of faith and as part of your prayer request, will release the evil spell from your home, body, and loved ones. Draw the spiritual anointing power of incense, oil, bath and wash, salt crystals, bar soap, spray, sprinkling sand, and spiritual candles. Burn Sonny Boy's prayer candles during your prayers at your own prayer request altar. Sonny Boy's anointing oil, incense, and candles are the most popular anointing items sold. Keep one of Sonny Boy's candles burning, for evil can't stand the light.

Purchase Sonny Boy White Anointing Cloth. You will find the anointing cloth and Sonny Boy specific oils to help you wipe away danger, evil, spells, and witchcraft. Sonny Boy's old remedies have helped thousands of people find their happiness through prayer and Sonny Boy orginal spiritual products.

Use Sonny Boy powerful Lucky Mojo Bags. Mojo's power has been known for centuries. It is said that people need to "get their lucky Mojo hand" back because of a string of bad luck, unfaithful spouse, protection from their enemies, and to bless their house and home and cast out evil spells. Lucky Mojo bags are a mixture of herbs, crystals, oil. You need to keep your Lucky Mojo bag with you all the time. Bless the Lucky Mojo bag by waving it over a specific Sonny Boy incense and keep the Lucky Mojo bag fresh by putting one drop of Sonny Boy's specific oil - whether it be Lucky Black Cat-Gambler or Cast Off Evil or Love, Come To Me or Peaceful Home. Use Sonny Boy's Kits to help you get your Mojo Luck back and with your faith, you will be rewarded.